Green Server Solutions

At Natural Networks we believe that an efficient solution is the natural solution.

Using one of our high-efficiency servers not only saves you money but it also significantly reduces CO2 emissions. I.e.: A datacenter with 1,000 of our 1U high-efficiency servers could save $56K annually in electricity costs, 451 metric tons of CO2, or the equivalent of 166 acres of trees for the sequestration of CO2 emissions.

Earth Friendly Servers

Datacenter Blade

The SuperMicro DatacenterBlade® is perfect for data center and HPC applications with performance & density optimized to achieve 672 processing cores and 4TB DDR2 memory per 42U standard rack. This powerful SuperBlade® features 100-240VAC, ultra high-efficiency (93%), N+1 redundant power supplies, along with industry-leading density, performance/watt and price/performance.

Green Servers