Website Hosting and Email

Natural Networks high performance and fault tolerant network model is the perfect platform for any hosted website or email application.

We provide the expertise and personalized attention to each customer that makes certain the solution we provide is the perfect match for your specific requirements.

Website Hosting

  • Specialized in hosting dynamic database driven websites.
  • ColdFusion 9.
  • Microsoft ASP.NET.
  • Microsoft SQL 2000/2005/2008.
  • PHP and MySQL.
  • Streaming video.

Email Hosting

Natural Networks recognizes the importance of E-Mail to you and to your business. We provide state-of-the-art email and anti-spam services using IMail Server and Exchange Server. IMail Server and Exchange Server deliver scalable, standards-based email with ground-breaking ease of use and protection from world-wide spam and viruses. Over 100 million people depend on these technologies for their email.

  • Email hosted on 100Mbps performance-routed network.
  • The best spam protection available in the industry.
  • Share your calendars, contacts and tasks with your co-workers.
  • Mobile device support.
  • Full featured webmail and web administration.
  • Hot standby routing protocol (HSRP) in ethernet or fiber.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring on all email systems.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
No Managed Hosting Solution is complete without a reliable and well planned Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.

Natural Networks provides customized solutions to match each customers needs.

Website Hosting & Email

Natural Networks provides comprehensive support for some of the most popular applications in the industry including ColdFusion, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL, PHP, MySQL and IMail Server.

Adobe ColdFusion 9

The solution for delivering high-performing websites and applications in a clustered or virtualized environment, ColdFusion 9 Enterprise edition provides all the capabilities of ColdFusion Standard plus additional features for creating enterprise-ready applications.